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I’m Moving

Happy Monday!

If you remember this post from last week when I was considering  weather to stick with wordpress or move over to blog spot. After much consideration I have decided to switch over to blogspot :) Check out the new page here and tell me what you think. And check out today’s school spirit look

Reason why I am switching over to blogger 

  Don’t get me wrong I love wordpress but they only give you a limited amount of media and I had less than 3 % left . And  I wasn’t ready to start my own domain

Also why the name change for blogger:

My instagram and twitter handles are Ispyoby so with this move I want to keep everything consistent





Every day is a journey


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Happy Tuesday!
So yesterday I experienced my first earthquake and the funny thing is I didn’t even realize it was an earthquake until 5 or so hours later.

I was wake when it happened seating on my bed doing work on my laptop. For some reason when the walls shook for few seconds at 6 AM my first thought was “why are my walls shaking? oh well” I was so unfazed by it, I just kept working it wasn’t until I got to work and everyone was talking about the earthquake that I realized why my walls was shaking.