You Just Can’t Get Enough of these Types of Men

There are certain types of  men that women can’t resist and it’s not always about the look. Women are attracted to men who have a an admirable trait, and when they meet a guy with that trait they can’t help but fall in love with him. Below are nine of these personality types that women can’t refuse.

1.   The  romantic guy
This guy is  the classic romantic that opens the door for you when you’re getting in and out of your car. He is always willing to bring you flowers and chocolates. This guy doesn’t believe that chivalry is dead. He is sensitive to what you want.

His idea of the perfect date:  He will cook you a nice dinner at his place making the evening a movie and dinner date at home.

Why he is so irresistible: A woman loves to be appreciated and a romantic guy knows how to treat her the right way. He knows how to make a woman feel wanted and loved. This type of guy is in love with the idea of love.  He will show you his softer side.

2.   The intelligent guy     
He is very smart, charming and respectful. He has an unusual sense of humor and he knows the most random facts. He is also a great listener. Whenever you two get into a tight situation, he will always come up with a great plan to make everything work smoothly again.

His idea of the perfect date:  He will take you to the library for a study date or take you to see a documentary.

Why he is so irresistible:  If you are having a computer problem  or  homework problem, you  know that he is going to be able to fix it. You will have great intellectual conversations with him.

3.   The professional guy      
This guy is a sharp dresser, a smooth talker and always in control. He has a mysterious nature about him. With a smile , he could get you to fall in love with him over and over again. He will teach you the finer ways of life and he is a witty conversationalist This relationship will bring out a more sophisticated side of you.

His idea of the perfect date: He will take you  to a Fancy Steak restaurant and will pay for dinner.  He wants to show the world that you are his woman and that no one else  can have you.

Why he is so irresistible: Who doesn’t love a guy in suit? The whole look is so sexy. This guy has the whole James Bond look  going on that women can’t resist.

4.   The bad guy
He is unpredictable, reckless and dangerous. He is funny but aloof. He is a smooth talker and he knows how to make you feel wanted and loved just by giving you a look. He is exciting and alluring. He makes his own rules to life.

His idea of the perfect date: He will teach you how to ride his motorcycle.

Why he is so irresistible: Every woman loves a rebel without cause.  He makes you feel sexy and free. You will love his carefree nature.  You think that you are that might turn the wild cat into a pussy cat. You love the challenge of taming him.

5.    The Jock guy
He is in great shape. He is funny. They are the big guys on campus. He can get you into club for free.  He loves it when you come watch him play. He is charming.  He has Swag.

His idea of a perfect date:  He gets ticket for both you to go your favorite sports team game.

Why he is so irresistible: You will always have work out buddy . He will teach you the rules to all your favorite type of game.  He doesn’t care if you wearing sweatpants or not, he will still think you are beautiful.

6. The confident guy 
He is secure about himself and assertive in public. He gets along with everyone. He loves to be the center of attention and  he love to experience new thing.  He doesn’t get jealous of other men, he allows you to be friend with guy friend.

His idea of a perfect date:  A spontaneous date, he will call you up and tell  you to be ready and takes you  out on a picnic.

Why he is so irresistible:  People are attracted to people that are confident and outgoing. Whenever you are with him, life seems like party, he is fun and easy to get along with. He will make you try new things and go to place you might not have to courage to go without him in your life.

7. The foreign guy
He is from an exotic country, has an exotic accent and has an exotic style.  No matter what he is saying it always sounds charming.  He is able to tell you that he loves you in his sexy accent. Whenever he says your name it sounds so much better. He will carry you bag at the mall while you to go shopping.

His idea of a perfect date: Dinner at an exotic diner and you two will talk about each others culture.  He will try to teach your news phrases from his native land.

Why he is irresistible:  He is charismatic, he is mysterious. He is going to teacher you about the ways of the world.  His accent is so hot that whatever he says automatically sounds amazing.

8.  The artistic guy
He is spontaneous and live in the moment. He will write song for you to show you how much he love you. He know how to woo you creatively. He want you to who you are. He will treat you as if you were a priceless Jem that he never wants to let go.

His idea of a perfect date:  He will write a song for you  and perform it on stage so that the rest of the world would know how much he love you.

Why he is irresistible:  He will make you feel unique and special and wanted. He will treat you as you are his muse.  He see the world in a different way and he  is willing to allow you to be part of his world. He will open more to you in creative way,

9.    The adventurous guy
This man is willing to take risk.  His daring.  He loves being outdoor. He is healthy eater. He will have wonderful stories to tell, which makes him great story teller. He doesn’t care what people say.

His idea of a perfect date: Take you camping so that he can protect you.

Why he is so irresistible:  He allows you to get out of  your comfort zone and try something new. You will have many adventurous trips together such as sky- diving,  or hiking. He will help you accomplish some of the adventurous items on your bucket list.


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