How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

  At the start of the New Year everyone makes promises to themselves that
they hope that they can keep through out the whole year. Such as save money, lose
weight, and be happy.  Some of us might be able to keep our New Year resolution,
however; most of us forget that we even made one by the time February rolls
around.  Here are some Tips on how you can fulfill you your New Year resolution
and see a significant improvement in your life.

Be Specific –

Instead of saying that you are going to lose weight and then forget it. You need to
know exactly what you want to accomplish. Vague goals will lead to vague results.

Vague goal : I will get good grades.

Smart Goal: I want to get a B+, or higher, in all my classes this spring semester.

Tip 1 Be visible- Another tip that we can also offer you is, instead of saying your
new year resolution to yourself or writing it in an obscure notebook, that you will
never look at… You should write that new year resolution down, and then place it
some where that you will be able to see every day such as in front of your mirror.

Be Measurable

You have to be able to access how you are doing on your goal. If your goal is not
measurable, then you will not be able to know how well you have done.

Vague goal: I want to be healthy.

Smart Goal: I want to lose 5 pound every month, and I will weigh myself at the same
time every week if I can.

Tip  2 Have an accountability partner  – If you and friend tell each other your new
resolution you have someone cheering for you to achieve. And also someone to call
you, if you forget about it. Have an accountability partner because that way it would
be less pressure on you trying to remember.

Be Attainable

You goal most be within your reach. Don’t you do something impossible because
you will be discourage? Realistic goals are better. You are more likely to achieve a
realistic goal than an obscure goal.

Vague goal: I want to have a 4.0 by the end of the semester when I have a 2.9 GPA at
the moment.

Smart Goal: I want to increase my GPA from 2.9 to 3.2 by the end of this

Be Relevant

Your goal needs to relate to your life. A relevant resolution is to which helps you
grow as person and makes your fight for what you will like to do.

Vague goal : I will become the next president of the United States

Smart Goal : By the end of this semester, I will have learned the best method
to study and keep my grades up, therefore; I will be able to get a good job once
I graduate.

Be Time Sensitive

Goals need to have a deadline, if your goals don’t have a deadline, you might
continually push your start date.

Vague goal: I will go to all my class

Smart Goal: I will attend all my classes and if I miss one, I will communicate with the
teacher and my peers about what I missed, therefore; I don’t fall behind.

These are some tips on how you can achieve your new resolution, or any goal.
Through out the year send us a shout out and how your New Year resolution goal is

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