What He Says VS. What He Means

Guys are never direct. Everything that comes out of their mouth has a different meaning. Moreover, us women have tried time and time again to understand what they want out of a relationship. With men, it seems you can never take what they tell you at face value; it would be more helpful if women carried translators to figure out what a guy was really saying. We hope the following cheat sheet will help you decipher what your college man means but does not say.

He says: You look great!
He means: Please don’t try on another dress or else I’ll kill myself.

He says: Why are you being so emotional?
He means: Why are you acting like a psycho?

He says: I’ll call you later.
He means: I may or may not call you at some point between now and a week from now.

He says: That’s a new look.
He means: You look a little weird.

He says: Can we talk about this later?
He means: I really don’t want to talk about this again.

He says: That guy seems like a good friend of yours.
He means: Is there anything going on between you two?

He says: We should watch a movie together some time.
He means: I want to hook up.

He says: I’m not lost.
He means: We’ll probably never see the real world again.

He says: It’s fine.
He means: It’s not fine but I just don’t want to talk about it.

He says: We should see other people just so we know we are right for each other.
He means: I don’t think I’m ready to be in a committed relationship yet.

He says: Have I seen you around?
He means: I have noticed you but I have been afraid to talk to you.

He says: I really think we’d be better off as friends.
He means: I don’t plan on seeing you again.

He says: I love you.
He means:  I love sleeping with you (but let’s give him some credit; he may actually love you).

He says: You have perfect lips.
He means: I can’t wait to kiss them all night long.

He says: I enjoy our time together.
He means: You are very special to me and I want to keep seeing you.He says: I don’t want to ruin our friendship.

He means: I’m not attracted to you sexually.He says: We went out few times.
He means: We had sex all the time.

And last, but certainly not least
He says: I think we are Facebook friends.
He means: I have stalked the shit out of your Facebook.


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