Unwanted Dance Partners

Ladies, when you go out to a party or club, there is always that random drunk guy, who thinks he is God gift to women. He stumbles over to you and start grinding on you. Grinding is not a real form of Dance; it is dry humping in public place with music. So back to our wonderful drunk friend, he is  grinding on you very aggressively and your friends are no where to be found to save you. Wouldn’t it be easier if we had sixth sense of when our drunk friend was coming from behind and had a sign like the one below. He is so drunk that if we stood still for couple seconds with this sign on us. He might think you are an art piece and walk away.  But we don’t have sixth sense like this, and we don’t go out with big purse that we can fit this sign in.  If you need anymore help on how to avoid wanted dance partners check out Jenna Marbles Video.


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