Girl’s Guide to the Superbowl

So it’s superbowl sunday and you don’t know anything about the rules of football.  And you plan on watching the game with friends where you potential crush might be so you need to look as if  you are interested in football and know what is going on. Here are  tips to look like you know something about the game
1.  If you are watching the game with your crush, find out what team his cheering for. And that is going to be the the team that you like for that night. If you are watching the game with a group of friends pick the team with the cutest outfit and cheer for them. Don’t tell people that is why you picked you team.
2.  Scream when he  screams therefore it looks as if you are understanding the game
3. Bring Food to wherever you going. He is going to be stuffing his face and he is not going to be bother to ask who your favorite player is.
4. Know the basic information about the game such as below


Who: New England Patriots vs New York Giants
Where: Indianapolis, IN
When: Kick-off is at 6:30 EST
Main Players: Eli Manning and Tom Brady
Coaches: Tom Coughlin for NYG and  Bill Belichick for the Pats
5.What not to wear: Don’t wear a dress it is football game not a date.
6. What to wear: Be causal and cute. Jeans and cute top. Heels are optional for the superbowl. Ask your crush to lend you a jersey because you forget yours at home.
7. Don’t talk too much, people that are into the game are going hate you by the end of the game. Talk during the commercial or halftime show because nothing really important is happening.
8. Don’t mention how hot the players are to your guy friends.
9. You and your girls should discuss which player on each team has the cutest butt.

If all fails be honest and Just enjoy hanging out with your guy and your friends.

 Have a fun Superbowl Sunday Everyone



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