Blood so sweet

Disclaimer :  With the whole craze about vampires right now in pop culture i wrote this fantasy poem from the point of view of a male vampire. Enjoy!

Two thousand years ago I made the choice
I made the decision to rejoice
I chose to be beautiful, pale and dead
To be eternal, and sleep all day instead
Of during the night, no longer human

I am not like the other magical
Creatures I am a vampire you think my life is tragical
Always having to wander among
The living. To never grow old but to stay young
My eye, my skin luminescent at night
My body is cold to the touch. Death is my right
The dark night was always my trusted friend
My confidante, my protector, my shelter,
My love, my keeper and my provider,

I love the taste of blood which is bliss.
During the night looking for a prey to give the final kiss

She trusts me without knowing me.
Her eye cannot seem to stop looking at the sea
Of pale blue eye. I am the ruler of the night
When they see the fang they freeze in fright
I slowly brush my fangs against her lovely face
Advancing toward my goal, the neck, I embrace
Myself the scent of her lustrous blood
So sweet. I sink my fangs inside her neck
And draw the blood until she is a wreck
I clean the mess and leave no trace
For tomorrow it will be another place

I laugh
How could anyone trust something so wrong?
I wander the night forever… it is where I belong.
A different neck each night to taste,
No blood so sweet goes to waste.


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