What to do while you are still young

A mentor/great friend of mine once gave me this list of what to do when you are still young. So am sharing it with others, we are not young forever,If your gonna screw up, do it while you’re young. Older you get, the harder it is to have fun.

Her List:

What to do while you are still young:

Wear jersey knit clothes (Or wear any tight clothing)
Buy and wear the hot, new fashions***
Don’t get enough sleep
Act goofy in public
Eat wrong:
Fried food
Lots of cheese
Eat late at night
Too much caffeine
Spend freely – buy stupid stuff you don’t really need.
Enjoy your health – you will bounce back from colds, flu, stomach bugs, broken bones etc. faster now than you ever will again.

Here is my personal additions to the list.
Party hard but Study Harder
Make friendship based on love not based on alcohol
Wear different colored socks
Go to Concerts
Get out of your comfort zone
Eat weird foods
Complain as much as you want
Blackout once but blackout 20 times in two months you have a problem
Go all out during Halloween


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