Don’t Judge A Person By Their Cover

Just Because- I’m sarcasticdoesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously.
Just BecauseI’m quiet- it doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say
Just BecauseI’m Cheerleader– It doesn’t mean I’m whore.
Just BecauseI have a lot of friends – doesn’t mean I drink and party every weekend.
Just BecauseI appear happy – Doesn’t mean everything’s ok.
Just BecauseI wear glasses– Doesn’t mean i’m an ugly nerd.
Just Because – I have a lot of guy friends- Doesn’t mean I sleep with them.
Just Because I am fashionable– doesn’t mean I am snob.
Just Because- I laugh a lot – doesn’t mean i don’t know how to be sad.
Just Because- I am guy that is into theater– doesn’t mean I must be homosexual.
Just Because- I forgive – doesn’t mean you can take me for granted.
Just Because- I forgive – doesn’t mean I forget.
Just Because- I don’t keep in touch all the time– doesn’t mean i don’t care.
Just BecauseI’m gullible – doesn’t mean you can lie to me.
Just Because I’m not like everyone else– doesn’t mean i am an attention whore.
Just BecauseI’m Stubborn- doesn’t mean i expect you to change for me.
Just BecauseI don’t show my feelings- doesn’t mean i don’t have any.
Just BecauseI wear tight pants and I’m a guy– doesn’t mean I goth or emo.
Just Because- I don’t say i love you – doesn’t mean i don’t.
Just Because- I’m honest– doesn’t mean i’m a bitch.
Just BecauseI’m not like you– doesn’t me i’m weird.
Just Because- I don’t say anything– doesn’t mean I’m afraid.
Just Because- I have big boobs- doesn’t mean i like that you talk to them.
Just Because- I’m a female gamer – doesn’t mean i am ugly.

Disclaimer:  This was originally posted on Paint me a palace. But the posted here is tweaked with my personal additions. Hope you enjoyed!

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