Remember you pick your friends

Sometimes when you’re in a crowded room, it feels like you’re the only one there. When someone talks to you, it’s as if they are talking through you. You wonder when it’ll be over, but no one ever tells you. So you wait and you keep smiling. No one ever asks happy people about their problems.

We all wear a mask in public because we don’t want be considered the “odd one” among our friends. So instead, we stay friends with people we can’t stand. People who cause our ears to bleed whenever they talk. People we don’t want to share our secrets with because we wonder whom they’re going to tell. It seems like today no one knows how to keep a secret. Well, except for yourself.

The moral of this post is when you pick your friends, make sure you like them. Make sure they’re the type of people who will carry your secret to their graves. There are lots of fake people, but only a few true friends in the world.


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