10 Spring Break Dos and Don’ts


1. DO NOT get arrested.
2. DO NOT sunbathe in the nude.
3. DO NOT have sex in the sand!
4. DO NOT document your entire trip on Social Media.
5. DO NOT go broke. Save some money so you can come back safe.
6. DO NOT go off on you own. Use the Buddy system.
7. DO NOT pack you most expensive items. You might lose it!
8. DO NOT be on Girls Gone Wild spring break edition!
9. DO NOT Walk around looking like this!

10  DO NOt go home with someone you just met.


1. DO take plenty of pictures.
2.  DO look you best. You never know who you are going to meet.
3.  DO wear Sunscreen.
4.  DO go with your friends.
5.  DO Keep Safe.
6.  DO learn something new like surfing or scuba diving.
7.  DO post few social networking status while away so people know you are still alive.
8.  DO have a Fun Spring Fling.
9.  DO Drink alot of liquid.


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