What Men Find Unattractive in Women But Probably Won’t Tell You ( We have the answers for you)

Hanging with guy is not like hanging your girls.  There are certain things you can do around your girl that your crush might find unattractive. Your crush or you guy friend will never tell you that you behavior is annoying. So you keeping doing whatever because you think its cute.  So I wanted to know what guy found unattractive especially college age men, so I decide to ask a good guy friend of mine if he could write an article that I can share with girls.  And this is what he had to say!

What Guys Find Unattractive in Girls
By Michael D

Disclaimer:  Before reading realize that these pet peeves are mostly mine with some collaboration from friends.  Every guy has different preferences, likes, and dislikes. 

Talking in secret

Whenever I’m in a group of both guys and girls it’s not uncommon for me to see two or more girls start whispering to each other.  The only reason for whispering is so other people can’t hear.  This means they’re saying things they don’t want other people to hear.  There are only a couple common reasons for this: what they’re saying isn’t nice, or they’re telling secrets.  The first option makes someone come across as mean, and the second makes them come across as untrustworthy. 

Even if you’re intentions are pure avoid talking in secret, because it will make guys assume bad things.


Acting drunk

In College a good majority of the people drink on a fairly regular occasion, which results in lots of drunken people.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with this; however, it’s ridiculously annoying when people can’t keep their shit together.  Girls are no exception.  People see being drunk as an excuse to do whatever they want, which leads to stupid (and annoying) decisions.  These traits are good for someone you want to have a one night fling with, but they don’t make someone want to have any kind of a relationship with you, whether it is a friendship or  a romantic relationship.

It’s not necessary to avoid drinking, or even getting drunk.  The biggest thing is to make sure you keep a filter on things you do and things you say.  Don’t be a stupid whore.

 ^ Don’t be that girl^

Talking behind backs

This one is self explanatory, and is everywhere in our society, but that’s still no excuse to do it.


Cussing is generally unattractive but doesn’t have to be avoided all together.  The big thing to remember is to not overdo it, and make sure it’s not all you’re saying. 

If you’re going to cuss, do it well.  A rule I personally like is to never try and add a cuss word to a sentence you’ve already thought of, it will come out sounding forced and stupid.

Loud Screeches

As far as I am concerned there is never a reason to make a screeching noise.  A lot of things on this list are somewhat universal in who does them.  This one is unique because I’ve hardly ever seen guys do it, and because of that I don’t really understand why anyone does this.  I understand you can be excited to see a friend out somewhere, or excited that you’re song came on the radio, but screeching is not necessary. 

Emotional Facebook statuses

Don’t do it. Just cut it out.

^Don’t be that girl^

Closing comments

Instead of remembering all sorts of things not to do around guys, just remember two questions: “Is it tacky?” and “Is it stupid?”.  If something isn’t stupid or tacky then there probably won’t be an issue with it.  Also remember that guys and girls probably aren’t as different as everyone thinks they are.  If something would bother you, especially from the other sex, then refrain from doing it yourself.

If you agree or disagree leave a comment  below or tweet at @Ispyoby

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