5 Secrets of Getting Good Grades in College

1. Study like you mean it.  This means no Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or  Movies. With all the distraction turned off you will be able to put all your energy in what you are doing. You will also finish faster because you are no longer wasting away on social networking site.

2.  Have a calendar to put exams, quizzes and big project due. Planning ahead will help you not fall behind.

3.  Talking to your Professor. If your teacher knows who you are he is on the fence of giving  you grade beween an B+ or an A. He will give you an A!

4. Take Notes. If you miss a class ask a teacher  or another student in class if they can send you the notes. So when it come to  finals time you have all the material you need to ace it.

5. Trying to find connection to what you have already learned before. Or your personal experience it will make class so much better and your will understand what your teacher is teaching a 100%.


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