Continua Sonriendo

By. Paola Carminelli  (Sophomore at UNC)

“Nos vemos cuando el destino tenga ganas de juntarnos. Mientras tanto cuidate, y se feliz”

“We will see each other again when destiny feels like joining us one more time. In the mean time, take care, and be happy…”

You know the feeling… Talking or going out with someone, and thinking about the one you really wish was with you at the moment. Its ok, getting over someone takes time. The important thing is that you don’t isolate yourself from the idea of being able to move on, finding another “perfect one”, being happy again, and finding someone who makes you laugh. We live with the idea of the “perfect ONE” and often forget that there is more than one perfect guy out there for you.

The bittersweet beauty of breakups and moving on, is realizing that you can actually live without the other person. You don’t need him/her to be happy, and you learn that in the end, the only one responsible for your happiness is YOU. No one else can make you happy, but yourself. People may add to your happiness, may make you smile, provide comfort, and always be there, but the real happiness, the only one that will ALWAYS make you happy, is you.

It takes time, a lot of chocolate, awesome friends, and one or two tears. But in the end, everything passes. Pain and sadness is temporary. The important thing is being positive, giving happiness a chance and forget the hard moments. There is something positive in every negative situation, and will always learn something new about yourself and others, if you choose to see the situation from a positive perspective.

Head high, and keep smiling. It gets better, just don’t loose yourself. Never settle for less than what you deserve, and don’t justify others actions to make them seem “understandable”. It is what it is, and everything happens for a reason. Smile and carry on.


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