Fashion Police for the Gentlemen

By Paola Carminelli  (Sophomore at UNC)

I think most of you girls out there can agree with me on this one…what in the world is wrong with more than 70% of men’s fashion choices and behavior lately?
I am going to break it down for you cuties out there, so listen up guys.

1. Girls LOVE a well dressed man, it doesn’t make you girly, less manly, or weird. Its ATTRACTIVE. If we put effort into looking good for you guys, the only thing we ask is that you spend at least a little more than 5 minutes into getting ready  for us.

2. Get out of those sweat-pants and sweat-shirts to go to class. Gym clothes are meant to be used at the gym, not every minute of every day. I bet it is not the only thing you have in your closet. We notice that you wear the same Carolina shirt every other day, and your sweat-pants are about to break if you use then one more time. Come on! Get inspired, classes are a great way to catch a girls attention 😉

3. What is up with cut out shirts? Please, someone explain it to me, I do not understand it. Its ok to cut the sleeves off, the neck line, Hey! I do it too, its comfortable! But what I don’t understand is cutting the entire sides of your shirts, leaving a little string at the bottom…you might as well just cut it open and use it like a double sided cape. We like to see your muscles, a little eye candy never hurts, but leave something for our imagination, don’t cut out the entire shirt. You might as well just walk around shirtless.

4. Get out of your comfort zone, use some color in your outfits. A nice colored shirt, with some caky pants. We know you can pull it off! Give it a try. Give your everyday look another twist other than some awesome new sneakers or new pair of Jordans (yes, we notice those things and actually know what they are)

5. Try a new perfume once in a while. An awesome perfume is often a huge deal breaker for girls. Its been experimentally determined that girls are more likely to be attracted to men who smell good. Wear it to class; there is no need to slack off just because its daylight and you are not going out.

6. Embrace your inner gentleman, we all know its somewhere inside of you. Open the door for every girl, yes every girl, doesn’t matter is she is your friend, cousin, “one of the guys”, grandma, i don’t care, DO it, it says A LOT to any other girl who is keeping an eye on you.

Its not hard… we all know we are in college, and going to classes can be a burden, and we would all prefer to be chilling on the beach, laying on the quad, enjoying the sun or sleeping the entire day after going out. But we can’t, so we gotta work with what we have.
Getting ready in the morning can improve your mood for the rest of the day. You look good, you feel good, we notice! Easy as one, two, three. So if you are trying to impress that one girl, or trying to get her attention, give all these little things a try! You may be blown away by the results.


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