Dear You….From Me (Celebrity Edition)

Dear Nicki
You did an amazing job with “Superbass”. But after “Stupid Hoe” and “Beez in the trap” am losing hope in you and I want old Nicki back.
SincerelyHeartbroken Fan

Dear Kim Kardashian, Khloe kardashian, Kourtney kardashian
I was wondering exactly what you do for a leaving? And how I can get that gig?
SincerelyBroke-ass college student

Dear Kendall Jenner
I am so proud  that out of all your sisters, you are the one with an actual career.
Sincerely Inspired  college student

Dear Ne-yo
I miss you. Please come back.
Sincerely, Your biggest fan

Dear Twilight fans
Thank you for making us look slightly less pathetic.
Sincerely, Justin Bieber Fans

Dear Jersey Shore Cast
Thanks for making me feels so much better about my life.
SincerelyNormal people

 Dear Beyonce
Thanks for showing teenager the correct stages of  a relationship:  date first, get married, then have babies.
Sincerely, Teen Mom Cast
If you have more to say tweet at @ispyoby and I will post them up

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