End of the year Resolution

Summer is just around the corner. Like most people I can’t wait to finish my last exam.  I also want to end this semester with a BANG! (Get your mind out of gutter).  I meant I want to end this year by doing something unpredictable that will surprise myself, or friends or teachers.  You might be saying to yourself we only have three days before school is over, but that is the challenge. Just because we have three days doesn’t mean you can’t do something different.  So make an “end of the school year resolution”, like a New Year resolution – but this one you will actually accomplish it. Example of stuff that would be fun to do: 

  1. Go out on a weeknight and have fun.
  2. Tell your crush that you like them. It doesn’t hurt to say it. If they don’t feel the same away about you, you have the summer to find yourself next boo.
  3. If you fought with a friend(s) text them to have a meal with you, you should never go into summer angry.
  4. Do something out of your comfort zone.
  5. Tell that TA\Teacher that you think they are cute because you might never get a next time
  6.  Patch up old relationship so that when you come back to school everything will be better.
  7.  Do a scavenger hunt with a group of friend.
  8.  Forgive the people that have done you wrong. It will soon be in the past.
  9.  Explore the campus and take picture.
  10. Go to a restaurant you never been or always wanted to go.

I know 10 seems like a lot to do but these are just suggestions.  You can do one or three or none. You could also just read this and forget all about it.   If you don’t like the thing of this list create your own list and have fun with it. The point of this is to get yourself to do something that you would not normally do. Leave a comment below or send me a tweet @Ispyoby to tell me about what you do and your experience.


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