20 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 21

The thought of turning 21 is scary and fun at the same time. Scary because it means you are more than two decade old. And fun because you get to have more fun than when you weren’t 21.

1) Take a road trip

2) Learn to play an instrument

3) Go skinny dipping

 4) Learn how to cook one meal

5) say “I Love You”

6) Get a mentor

 7) learn to drive a stick shift

 8) have your fortune told

9) Go to an Opera

10) Go to a big music festival

11) Ride a horse

12) Donate your formal dresses

13) See the ocean

14) See at least one thing that is “the world largest”
15) Leave the country

16) Get funky hairstyle

17) Don’t get someone pregnant\ not get pregnant

18) Get a real job
19) Learn to love your body

20) Write a letter to your future self.


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