10 Things People Will Never Tell You But You Need to Hear

1.Stop saying you are fat when you not. It’s easier to just ask for complement.
2.Stop saying “I don’t know how to do it”. Just try.
3. Don’t be a Bitcher, Moaner ,Whiner.
4. Stop making excuses for you actions.
5. Stop saying “It isn’t fair”. Life isn’t fair get used to it.
6. Stop saying “I don’t have enough time”. Because if you really wanted to do something, you will find ways to make time for it.
7. Stop posting about how bad your relationship sucks Facebook, no one cares.
8. Stop saying , “yolo” and actually start living your life.
9. Stop saying, “I wish” and starting making things happen.
10. Stop bragging about what you have and don’t have.


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