It’s a Girl Thing

“I’m a girl. I overreact. I get exicted easily. I underestimate. I overestimate. I laugh. I cry.  I over think everything. I dream big. I love you one mintue. I hate you the next. But am going to do me and If you can’t handle it don’t try to change me. Feel free to step the fuck out.”   – Oby Grace

Have you ever noticed that people when they have crush will start acting different to get noticed.  Like we learned from Clueless the movie that the trick of getting a boy is by making sure that he notices your mouth, your smell and your breast. I think these are great ideas if you are only looking for physical relationship. However if you want an emotional or long lasting relationship you might have to take the risk of being yourself. Maybe instead of buying that extra padded push up bra, spend that money on something that you really need. Yes you attract a boy by your physical appearance but your look is only going to get you in his bed and not a relationship. So instead of changing yourself for a crush, be yourself and trust me if he is worth it he will like you just the way you are.


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