Why Geminis Rock!

If you are born May 21- June 20 THEN YOU ARE A GEMINI!

Gemini can tell what you’re all about after spending just a few minutes with you

Gemini are irritated by people with no sense of humour, people who walk and talk slow and negative people

Gemini are the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac.

Gemini often get tense, sore backs so a massage there will do wonders for them.

Gemini never listens to when their body says enough is enough.

Gemini is keen and intuitive with brilliant intelligence. They love mental challenges.

Gemini is a champ at arguing their point & talking people into doing what they want.

Gemini‘s interests can be compared to a revolving door: you’re into them for a short period of time until they get pushed out by new things

With a Gemini, what you see is not what you get, what you see is only what they’re showing

3 things you should never do to a Gemini, 1. Underestimate them, 2. Try to control them and 3. Compare them to others

Gemini are some of the easiest people to talk to, they are very open minded and will consider anything

The best way to a Gemini womans heart is by spoiling her rotten.

xoxo Team Gemini


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