Types of Relationship Patterns You Will Meet In College/Life

Written by Oby Grace and Ali Giler

One womanman person:
These types of people are romantic. They are loyal to their mate by only dating one person at a time, they will be devoted to the person they are with, and together they make plans for the future.

Multiple patterns at the same time:
These types of people love the idea of just having different patterns. They have “boyfriend or girlfriends” in different groups, or housing, and hope that the people never find out about each other.

Scared of commitment:
These types of people love the flirtationship stage, meaning you are more than friends but not quite a couple. They will do everything that is done in relationships, however; when you have the talk of what exactly are we, they will run. They like the idea of being with you just not the idea of putting any sort of label on it. 

Always in a relationship:
These types of people define themselves by the people who they are with. The idea of being alone is scary and an unknown place to them. They constantly need to be in a relationship. For these types of people it will take between 1-5 days to move on to their next “serious relationship”. As friends of these people you can’t remember the last time they were single.

Playing the field until graduation:
These are the people that are not looking for a serious relationship. They are just in it for the fun. Their relationship is based on party hook ups. They make sure that you are aware that they are there to just have fun and once they are done with you, they are going to move onto some new prey.

The hurt ones:
These are the type of people that are afraid to try to be with someone. Because of past experiences, they put up walls to not let anyone in, thus; they know their feelings won’t be hurt since they’re mentally and emotionally hurt to put themselves out there.

The players:
They don’t believe in love, they believe in having fun. These are the type of people that are most likely to keep a “friends with benefits” relationship.
The nonbelievers:
They don’t think love exists, therefore they’ll be stuck in a stubborn state of mind by believing that one is able to hook up with a girl and expect that no feelings will come out of it.

Remember these are just type of people. Take time to get to know the person you are with because everyone is different and judging them based on one stereotype you might miss out on something great.

If you or someone you know fits into one of these categories leave us a comment or story below.


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