Serious Saturday Question

So a question has been on my mind lately and  I want to share it with you.  Ok here it goes.

Why do African American magazines such as (JET or EBONY) photoshop the African American on the cover page by lightening their skin. If a magazine   that would be considered a “Caucasian ” magazine photoshopped an African American by lightening their skin causes a major uproar. However when a black themed magazine does the same thing no one says anything. This to me sounds like a double standard. I think black magazines need to show their reader that you can have a darker model on the cover of your magazine and people will still buy the magazine.

There is a double standard in the magazine publishing industry. Photoshopping a darker model to make them lighter is ok in ‘black’ magazines but not okay in ‘white’ magazines.  It’s seemingly a double standard but in actuality both magazine are in agreement.  Lighter is better. So whoever is crying “foul” is hypocritical.  If it’s good for one magazine to do then it’s good for another magazine to do it also.

So this is the question, I don’t have the answer.  It an observation. So comment below  what you think  about the topic . Or tweet @Ispyoby


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