How To Keep In Touch During The Summer Months

Ok so summer is in full bloom. You are busy with what is going on with you life that you might have not had chance to talk to friend that back at school. But here are the best ideas of keeping in touch.

  1. Writing Letters – I know that this old school but it’s the best way to communicate with friend\partner during the summer if you at a place with no Internet or cell service. Also it’s more intimate.
  2.  Texting more – If you are the kind of person that is usually bad at texting during the school year. Start texting more because it’s quick way to communicate with people.
  3. Actually calling on the phone – Everyone these day thinks that calling people is awkward but it’s a great way to communicate over the summer. You get to hear your friends’ voice and hear the tone that they are using.
  4. Skyping – Skyping is the best solution because you can see the persona and hear them too. If you don’t have Skype account create one its  free.
  5. Goggle plus- Google plus is like Skype but something that it has that Skype doesn’t is the ability to have a group video chat.  With goggle plus you and you friends could all hang out virtually? 

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