4 Things Wrong With Girls From A Guy’s Perspective

Disclaimer: Girls is overgeneralized in this article. This is an observation I have noticed about some females. Not all girls are like this but some are. 

Written by Bill Perkins (Student)

1.    Girls cake themselves in make-up

There is absolutely no need for girls to plaster themselves to the extent that they look like a plastic Barbie. A more natural girl presents confidence in herself and her character. Why cower behind a mask?

 2.    Girls wearing skimpy dresses for nights out

I have no idea where class has disappeared these days. Dresses that barely cover your arse are NOT classy. Look back at the previous decades and take note on how less is not more or flattering at all. If you dress in a degrading manner, expect to be degraded. Girls are apparently creative and artistic, why don’t they prove it? A fashionable girl stands out for all the right reasons.

 3.    Girls all dress the same

That brings me to my third point, why do you all girls look the same? Girls need to start standing out. Today, if you meet one girl you’ve met 50. They need to stop conforming to popular trends and have confidence to express their own views and character. Everybody is unique, it’s what makes life interesting.

 4.    Girls are clueless about the needs

I have come to the conclusion that girls do not know what they generally want. They need to take a step back and evaluate their lives once in a while. Evaluate their friends, relationship, aspirations and general path in life. Nobody should be taken for granted, and the people who make you who you are and are truly there for you, should be recognised.

Ladies? Gentlemen?  Do you agree or disagree with what he had to say? Leave us a comment below telling us what you think


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