Guys Guide to Digital Dating From A Girl’s Perspective

Disclaimer: Boys  is overgeneralized in this article. 

Written By Oby G and Ali G

Yes, we are quite aware that girls are a complicated “thing/matter/being”. In a world where dating starts mostly digital now-a-days, some boys still dont know about the texting etiquette of dating. But gladly, we have come up with a couple of useful ideas whenever you digitally flirt with someone, and how not to mess it up by pressing that send button quickly ?
Our advice goes like this:
1. Reply to all text messages from a girl: A girl tends to over analyze texts from guys. If you don’t reply within the same day, they might think that you don’t like them or that you are not interested anymore. Even if you are busy or not available, let her know, don’t give her false hopes. Just be honest from the start!
2. Change it up: If she is the one that always sends the text messages first, you could try doing it more often. This will show her that you care about her.
3. If you ever reply more than 2 days late: Be nice and let her know the reason so she doesn’t think you don’t want to talk to her.
4. Call her one night and have a phone conversation and see how that goes. Because if you two can have great phone conversation then a one on one date could go just as smooth.
5. Take her out just the two of you and see if you actually have chemistry in real life.
6. Compliment her, surprise her a little, and if you like what she is wearing tell her so that she knows. Girls like to hear this things even though you might think she already knows. There’s nothing bad about making a girl blush in a good way.
7. Be yourself… Simple as that! Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Girls can spot when someone is being fake quicker than they can spot a fake Prada.
8. Overall, if you don’t like telling her you don’t like her: Either you can make-up some good excuse of why, or you break it to her nicely so you don’t hurt her as much as you already have. To be straight forward and letting her know that you don’t want to keep it going, it’s a much better choice than stringing her along until you find someone better.

Ladies? Gentlemen?  Do you agree or disagree with what we had to say? Leave us a comment below telling us what you think.

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