Long-Distance Relationship

“Distance isn’t for the fearful, it’s for the bold. It’s for those willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough.” – Unknown

By Ali G

It is not easy for sure. I might as well tell you that only the strong, patient, and caring people can survive doing long distance relationship. Whether your partner is a few hours, state, or country away; it places a strain on the relationship. However to make a LDR work you need   is a great communication, trust, loving, and determination, involved in the relationship, because it “NEEDS” to be there no matter where you two are.

I believe that anything can be achieved and be possible. For a heads up, you can say, “It’s not impossible, I just haven’t tried yet.” Let yourself become more positive. Thus, give it a chance, try it out, and give it your best. However if you know you cannot handle it, go your separate ways.

A Long Distance Relationship is definitely a challenge. If you need help, go for the obvious… Call or visit! Here are some tips on how to make it work:

Call him/her when you are both free: Set up Skype dates, call or text even if its just to say “I miss you.” It is important to maintain contact and be part of each other’s daily life.

Send him/her pictures (Not sexting): Put a smile on your partner and try to share your activities with him/her such as watching your favorite movie or show, alone and for him/her to do it as well.

Write love letters to each other; make him/her feel as if you were there. And when you miss him you can read his\her  letter and it feel like  he was right next to you.

Give him/her something personal of yours to hold while your gone, your partner should do it as well. That way, when either of you feel lonely, the object will give you comfort, happiness, and the thought of being with your lover.

Send your partner a package of goodies: Stack it with his/her favorite candy, and you can even add some CDs of songs that remind you of him/her. Send flowers, or small gifts.

Most importantly, visit one another! Try to save up money so you are able to take a trip to see your beloved. Make yourself a reminder on the calendar and do the countdown with him/her. Create some rules about the frequency of the visits. A visit allow you to meet the new people in your partners life.

Communicate effectively, maintain an emotional connection. Tell each other about your day, ask for advice, you can try different forms of communicating like instant messaging, and e-mail, make sure your messages are very detailed.

Do what interests you, but make it together. Stargaze while you’re on the phone, cook, watch tv, and just try to find creative ways to bond.

Motivate yourself to do an activity while he/she is away. Get some exercise or cook more often so the two of you have something to do while you wait to see your partner again.

Talk about your future together. Try to discuss about getting a place for each other, and the things you have to do to get there. This will help you see if the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and struggles are not in vain.

Have faith, be hopeful. Maintain yourself in a good mood.

When the two of you finally get to see each other, make sometime for yourselves to be intimate. Be happy, try not to argue because this time comes only once in a while or more, therefore; make it perfect.

I should also let you know that people will try to bring you down, they will lie, and they will try to convince you that a LDR is not worthy. What you have to do is, keep people out of your relationship. The less they know, the less they will try to get on your business. Furthermore, you have to be smart. You can not have a guy/girl believe that you led them on. Do not be stupid! If you can not handle your liquor, do not out drink yourself, if you know how much you can handle, then keep it there. You do not need to be flirting with anyone else unless it’s your partner. Keep in mind that trust might be easy or difficult to gain, but it can take just a second to break. Other than that, enjoy it, love it, be happy because the distance can mean so little when you love your partner so much.

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