All I Want Is You

Disclaimer: The kids I babysit adore Justin Bieber and I promised them that I would make them a CD of his songs. While compiling the music into an album on iTunes, I got the idea to write a poem ONLY using Justin Bieber’s song titles. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out but here it is. Tell me what you think.

All I Want Is You

Where are you now?
You leave me breathless
The lady with the big brown eyes

Pick me.
Love me.
Never let you go
Set a place at our table

Stuck in the moment
This dream is too good.
Can’t live without you

All around the world
All I want is you
As long as you love

This poem is composed of  Justin Bieber’s song title. 



  1. I thought this would be awful, but I clicked on it anyway. In fact it worked quite well. So well done you. I think JB’s song titles are fairly easy to do this with, fairly obvious and rather banal, but you were very inventive with them.

    Marie Marshall

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