Adventures in New York

The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding. –  John Updike

Favorite place in the city : Columbus Circle

A subway story:

One train. One car. Many stories.
A young girl about 16 years old and with her baby girl who touches everything on the train, and blind to dirt of the subway. The mother gently sings “Row row row your boat” and the little girl attempts to sing along with her mother and her head moving frequently to capture everything in sight before its lost to her. The lesbian couple sitting next to them is watching the baby and holding hands. The couple looks longingly at the young child as if to have their own. An old Chinese man reading a Chinese newspaper, although he is in NYC, his heart longs to be home; a place where he knows the language and a place he can call home. There’s also a young Spanish couple holding onto each other and ignoring the world around them. The tourist family that has been traveling the city gathered around and a family member grabbed the camera for all them to be looking at the pictures of the day. There’s a young male worker sleeping, a well-deserved sleep after a long day at work. I’m sitting there observing how all walks of life end up on the same platform, same train and same car.

Strangest ThingsNaked CowGrandmother

Princess Victoria

Coolest Thing

Old School Elevator at Mood Fabric store

Interesting subway fashion

People of NYC



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