Adventures In Nigeria

My travel to Nigeria didn’t start of on  a good note. First  my flight was delayed a day. Then when I got to airport after having it delayed a day it got delayed once again three more hours. I was already cranky that Arik Air already waste my time but I didn’t let that ruin my trip.

This was provided for us to carry our 12 suitcases once we arrived in Lagos. It was … am interesting contraction.

One thing I love about Nigeria is when you go to East the sand is red. It is so beautiful.

I was so surprised to see this sign in the village where most people didn’t even know how to speak English. It made me smile.

Women at the market.

Traditional dancer. He would dance in front of the men because the men would give him money.

Musicians that performed at church

A lady dressed in traditional Nigerian outfitA local airport in the East of Nigeria. I was so nervous about flying out there. Below is another close up

The BEST airplane food I had on the whole trip was when i was coming home.


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