Saturday Thoughts: Born in the Wrong Era

I was born in the wrong era; I would love to have been a teenager when the Beatles,the Temptations and Bob Dylan were on the radio, not the time period of Justin Beiber, Ke$ha and Rebecca Black.

When kids cared more about music than popularity and sex. When movies like Breakfast at Tiffany, The Sound of Music and West Side story came out. When movies tickets cost was  .50 cents and not 8.50 or more dollars.  When people hung out  with their friends outside and not inside playing video games or slaving away on their computers. When not everyone had cellphones then you didn’t have to worry about sexting. When not everyone had computers then you didn’t have to worry about cyberbullying.  When college tuition was affordable. When the twist was the new dance sensation and not grinding. When surfers took to skateboards to stay fit. When young people fought for what they wanted.  The 60s!



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