Aim not to be Zuckerberg, but to be successful

Written by Elston Baretto

Elston Baretto is an entrepreneur and co-founder of PlanPouch with the mission of helping people to do more together.

The following is for people who are ambitious. They type of people who have seen The Social Network and caught a glimpse of the route to unbelievable success. The type of people who believe they can build the world’s most valuable company from their garage and the type of people who simply aspire to be like somebody else.

Ambition is great; more people should be ambitious however, the question every ambitious individual should be asking themselves is: why do I seek such success? For, if it is to replicate the success achieved by somebody else, they will fail. No person will ever replicate the success of Mark Zuckerberg. Why? Because there only exists one Mark Zuckerberg. Such figure heads should be an inspiration but not idolized.

Instead, focus should be placed on the core qualities individuals have been gifted. The formula for success is to introspectively understand the talents one has within and determining the most effective means of harnessing them. However, talent is wasted if not nurtured through sheer hard work. No matter how Hollywood may portray success, there exists no easy path. The truly successful are not fuelled by riches or fame but achieving something great in their lifetime and see no obstacle in their way. A tireless work ethic is fundamental to achieving their goal, but such people do not see it as ‘work’ in the conventional sense, they see it as a mission.

However, there does exist an element of success that to some, is considered out of one’s control. No matter how hard somebody may work and how well they harness their abilities, in reality, luck is that final bridge to the gates of success. People generally hate to acknowledge luck in their path to success because we have been raised to believe that only hard work equals reward. Unfortunately, behind every story of success, exists strands of luck. Nevertheless, no matter how random it may seem, luck doesn’t come knocking on the front door. Luck can be earned. The more chances you takes, the more outgoing you are, the more resilient you are to defeat the luckier you get. Consequently, you develop the ability to recognise an opportunity when it arises and are prepared to capitalize upon it. Fundamentally, the harder you actually work, the luckier you get.

It is great to be ambitious but the majority of people aren’t willing to devote themselves to their aspiration. Do you have the resilience to crawl through the most difficult times, through a bleak looking future where there exists no shining light  to guide you through the tunnel? Are you willing to take the risks and gamble to invite luck and capitalize on opportunities? At the end of the day, these are the differentiating factors between the average Joe and achieving your aspiration.



  1. I love the thought that “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” I think there’s a lot of truth to this and as you mention, sometimes “luck” becomes the final road block between you and success. I’ve found a lot of value in being prepared so when opportunity knocks you can answer!

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