15 Things that (some) girls do and (some) boys hate

In A-Z Order

1. Being two faced.
2. Complaining about your weight when you know you look good.
3. Expecting him to pay for every date.
4. Following the sex moves that are written in Cosmopolitan.

5. Getting mad at him if he doesn’t reply to your text message instantly.
6. Lack of confidence.
7. Needy.
8. Playing stupid.
9. Talking shit about your other female friends.
10. Taking forever to get ready.
11. The excited high-pitched scream.
12. Thinking you can be submissive because you are woman.
13. Thinking you need a boyfriend to be a person.
14. Using alcohol as excuse to be slutty.
15. Using PMS as an excuse to be a bitch.



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