Adventures at Dayglow

“Neon paint everywhere. Crazy techno music. Wild acrobats. Drunk couples in corners. This is what Dayglow is about.” – Erica from HerCampus

This weekend I attended  Dayglow which is the largest paint party in the world.  It’ s a combination of techno music , spray paint and confetti being thrown at you equaled to an unforgettable night.

I loved it so much because  you were in the moment the whole time.  All the worry and to do list seems to escape from you.   All you know is that you are in this place and  nothing else seems to matter.  You can be whoever you want to be , because you are never going to see most of those people again.  Its very rare in  life that you feel  in the moment feel. I think everyone needs to experience that once.  Life io stressful that when are at an event we are usually thinking abou the next thing we have to but at Dayglow you were there to enjoy it all. Below are picture the event.

In Line:

Stage:Source for acrobats: Propersecretary

This is what my clothes looked like afterward

“Live life as if it were your last day to live; worry only about today, steal the moment.”   ― Blondell Lehocki


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