Photo Journey : Gimghoul Castle by Anwuli Chukwurah

Anwuli Chukwurah is  a Junior at UNC – Chapel Hill.  She  is going to be doing photo-jouralism on Lucky Eleven. So am really excited to have her on board.  Bu here  is her first set.  See it. Love it. Comment.


My friends and I always go on photo journeys. This time, we decided to go to Gimghoul Castle. On the way there, I decided to take pictures of things that caught my eye.

  Above:  I liked the intricacies in the structure.

Above : The dog was rushing towards me and barking.  I don’t like to get close to dogs, so I took this picture quickly.

Above:  I liked the contrast between the child and the overall green of the picture.

Above: I liked the abundance of color and leaves of this picture.

Above: Flowers.  Everyone likes flowers.

Above: I thought this would look good compositionally.

Above: This was posted on a tree on Gimghoul Castle.

Above:  I took this before we were kicked off the grounds of Gimghoul Castle.

Above: I liked the contrast between the red door against the overall black and white of the house.

Above: She wanted to see if I could capture her blowing the dandelion at a high shutter speed.  It didn’t quite work, but I got a cool picture out of it.

The END.

 to  Anwuli Chukwurah


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