Short Story Saturday: Perfection Meets Average

By Aubrey Stone

In. Out. Breath. Just keep breathing. This was playing in my head like a broken record. I could not stop it. I also didn’t want to admit to myself the cause of this. Because once I admit it becomes real. I reach for the punch bowl and electric shocks through my body. This is not the first time this has happened.  We are both pretending that the chemistry between us is not there.  He flashes me a smile with his perfect smile, which you know has seen braces during his early year.

His name is Luke. I think that he was created to torment me every single day with his perfection. 6 feet 2 tall of pure man, with the body of soccer play. I have to push my inner urges of running my finger through his Jet-black hair.   His eye, oh don’t get me started on his eyes. He is one of those people that have two different eye colors. I know it’s called a disease but I call it perfection.  Not only does he have the looks he is smart too I mean 4.0 GPA smart. Also he is the captain of the Soccer and Basketball team. He is all around perfect. If only I could be the one that was on his arm everyday. Wouldn’t mind being his accessory for the year.

While Luke was the perfect person I on the other hand was a wallflower. Nothing about me stood out in crowd, average blonde hair, average blue eye, average height and average grade.  Everything about me was average and that is why an average person like me could never be with a perfect person like him no matter the chemistry between us.

He flashes me a smile with   his perfect smile, which you know has seen braces during his early year.  I smile back at him and take my red solo cup. And get ready to walk around and mingle with people. He follows behind with his solo cup.  I don’t think anything about it. In my mind he was going to hang out with his people and I was going to go find the place I can blend in perfectly.

Couple seconds later I find my girls and they all bit drunk. And wanted to dance, I chug my drink and it is slow burn down my throat. Dancing with no care in the world I was startled when I felt a hand on my hip moving toward an unknown body heat. I turn my head around to see who invaded my precious private space. My eyes is glued to Luke chiseled face.

I was more nervous; my mind started freaking out as what if this was some sort of plank. What if I back up and he walk saying that he was just pushing aside to get to my hotter friend Brit. So instead of doing anything I just stood where I was and kept standing with my girls.  Before I knew it my backside was very close to Luke’s well-toned front.

He knew how to hold a lady, his hand, which was a combination of not to gentle that I felt that I could slip away and not to aggressive that I felt that I would be bruised after our dance but just perfect it. I slowly relaxed and let my body do the rest of the talking for me.

The End

What do you think about Aubrey Stone?

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