He Likes Me Or He Likes Me Not?

Have you ever liked a guy but couldn’t tell if he was into you. Or if he  just wanted to be friend. Or if he just want to sleep with you.  Below are 5  signs to figure what he wants.

He is into you 

1. His friends know about you.
2. He will make an ass of himself for you.
3. He gets Nervous around you.
4. He will call\text just to talk to you.
5. He will alway offer to pay to pay when you guys go out.

He just wants to be friend

1. He invites other people to hangout with you guys
2. He ask you for advice on other girls
3. He never initiate anything (hanging out, texting, etc)
4. He doesn’t offer to pay.
5. He doesn’t get too Physical with you.

He just want to have sex with you

1. Texting you after 1 A.m and asking if you want to come over and watch a movie
2. You are always drunk when you are together
3. His conversation with you is mostly occur online, or texting.
4. He makes too many promises but no action.
5. He warns you that he is not a relationship kind of guy.

agree or disagree? Comment below


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