Daily Unknown


By Aubrey Stone

Normality is something that has no definition, no concrete example on what it means to be normal. However we know someone that we all consider not “normal”. They are those people that have extreme personality from the average crowd. Either the person is socially inept that the person would be considering “weird”.   While on the opposite spectrum if a person is too outgoing or too happy that person is considered “fake”. Although normality has no definition, society and individuals are constantly trying to define it and call out persons that don’t fit our social construct of the norm. So what is normal? Why do we feel the need to taunt people that scare us because they are not average? If normal meant being like everyone else wouldn’t that make life boring and predictable? So instead of running away from what will make you stand out from the crowd, embrace it because your “imperfections” are what make you unique.

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