30 Reasons He Didn’t Call You Back


Disclaimer : These are generalization  we are  not saying that all guys or girls do this  however some do all and some don’t.  Enjoy!

  1. You played “stupid” too well
  2. He  gave you his number to be polite.
  3.  You looked like “hooker” on the first date.
  4.  You told him you aren’t looking for anything serious (he is).
  5. You told him you are looking for something serious (he is not).
  6.  He is a  serial dater.
  7. You were rude to  his friends.
  8.  You were not his type
  9.  There was no chase…
  10.  He looked through your facebook/instagram/twitter and didn’t like what he saw.
  11.  You are a wallflower…bored him to death on the date.
  12. You are too desperate.
  13. He has a girlfriend.
  14. He caught you Facebook stalking him
  15. You looked too much like the girl who broke his heart.
  16. You remind him too much of his mother/sister/aunt.
  17. You insulted his line of work and his interest.
  18. You were too fake
  19. He thought you were a bad kisser.
  20. You  were texting  during the entire date.
  21. You talked too much about your ex.
  22. You are still not over your ex.
  23. You have  the mentality that all men are horrible.
  24.  You texted him multiply times in row with no replies from him…he thinks you a creepy.
  25.  He  lost your number.
  26.  You make him wonder if you in it  for his money or him.
  27. He found someone better.
  28. He got your number when he was drunk.
  29. You aren’t happy person.
  30. He just not that into you.

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