Happy One Year Anniversary to My Blog!

229176_18711834g24666_2050001274_n.png.pngI am amazed at how quickly one year of blogging has gone by. I have enjoyed every moment of it and I can’t wait to keep blogging. Here are a few of my favorite post highlights (one per month from this past year 🙂

The post that started it all. 

You Just Can’t Get Enough of these Types of Men

tumblr_ltsp042ilc1qlbab2o1_500.jpgJan 27,2012

Funny Things Drunk People Say Part I and II

tumblr_lzbzkime2p1r8cr0co1_500.jpgFeb 2012

Style Evolution of Fraternity Boys

skaterboy-1.jpgMarch 25, 2012

Fashion Police for the Gentlemen


April  15, 2012

         20 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 21

tumblr_m3bj12lslk1r86tyjo1_500.jpgMay 1, 2012

10 Ways To Make Life Simple

252959_128396283907709_7839991_n.jpgJune 10, 2012

Adventures in New York

photo-2012-07-12-16-10-12-462.jpgJuly 13, 2012

10 Things You Need to Know at 20

1920-20s-bampw-black-and-white-girl-favim-com-330838.jpgAugust 18, 2o12

Saturday Thoughts: Born in the Wrong Era


 September 29, 2012

Aim not to be Zuckerberg, but to be successful

beauty-dark-god-light-love-mountains-favim-com-69419.jpgOctober 10, 2012

Every”Body” Is Beautiful

tumblr_loka2kydtj1qmyrqqo1_500.jpgNovember 13, 2012


Dear 2013…From 2012


 December 27, 2012


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