Don’ts of Relationship Oby G and Rachel I

  1. Don’t start the relationship off with an ultimatum. You can’t make a person change unless they want to. By forcing them to choose between you and something they love.  If it does not end the relationship from the start it will end it later on in the road.
  2. Don’t expect the other person to be a mind reader- the other person can’t tell what is on your mind therefore say what you want. A relationship should always have an open communication.
  3. Don’t give them your Facebook/twitter/ or Instagram password because if you have a bad break up shit will go down.
  4.  Don’t share too much personal drama too early in the relationship: motives for this are probably not from a good place and let’s be honest, no one wants to hear about your ex’s.
  5. Don’t forget you own life.  You had other friends when you started dating them make sure to also maintain those relationships. If something bad happens you want to know have people you can lean on. The person should never become your world.

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One comment

  1. haha great! but what do you think about my relationship??…just go to my blog and find out..its nothing crazy, but you’ll see

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