Hand In Hand

A Carolina sunset
Is something to behold
Red, orange, fleeting yellow
It’s color bright and bold.
Just wait a little longer.
Let your feet linger in the sand.
The fresh breeze will make you stronger.
Take that special person’s left hand.

The night slowly approaching,
It creeps
It’s like an enjoyable dream.
The sun waves one last goodbye,
Rays dancing with the sea’s blue-green.

The moon and the stars shining,
The moonlight makes you glowing
Your heart pounds like drums,
Too nervous, too anxious
Looking down at the hand in yours
You’re scared not because of the hand
But because of who she will become.

A Carolina sunrise
It’s light warm and captivating
Orange, red, returning yellow
It’s colors strong and shimmering
Just wait a little longer
A new day will be born
The wind will feel softer
Walk away your right hand intimately
with the one’s left hand.


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