Summer BucketList!

For my personal bucketlist click here

  1. Travel out of the country.
  2. Create something beautiful.
  3. Learn a new instrument.
  4. Photoshoot with friends.
  5. Go to a concert.
  6. Read a good book.
  7. Learn a new language.
  8. Do something random… maybe illegal.
  9. Put a secret in balloon and let it fly away.
  10. Go camping.
  11. Send a message in bottle.
  12. Burn all your homework in a bonfire.
  13.  Get a pen pal.
  14.  Go to the beach.
  15. Go to a carnival.
  16.  Experience at least one night you’ll never remember.
  17.  Have a picnic.
  18. Overcome a fear.
  19.  Do a Chinese fire drill.
  20.  Go stargazing.


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