Wednesday Weird Thoughts:Why is The “Happy Birthday Song” So Awkward?

By Ali G

imagesThat Awkward Moment.

We know what an awkward situation feels like because we have tried to get rid of that feeling before. But what exactly am I talking about? Your BIRTHDAY! So why is singing happy birthday or being sung happy birthday so awkward. It’s a celebration of your birth and that you are still alive. It should be a happy moment not an awkward one.

It has been years and years and you still don’t know how to smile or what to do when your family and friends sing to you Happy Birthday! Well, it really isn’t so bad. What you have to do is:

1) Look at the people who’s surrounding you, make a three second eye contact with those that make your birthday worthwhile and make a connection with them in such a way that it just warms your heart. Remember, be grateful for what you have.

2) You can even just dance to the HBD song and admire your cake or whatever it is that you’re having.

3) Smile!! Make yourself smile and that will make you feel positive and you’ll enjoy your moment.

4) Forget that people are off key and enjoy it because people care about you and want the world to know that it’s your “birth” day.

5) If none of this work, think of funny memories with the people around you or make it up! Think of random but funny situations on your head.



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