21 Habits You Must Stop To Be Happy

Warning   not proofread yet 

Everyone has an excuse of why his or her life sucks. Your freshmen year in college was bad because you had horrible roommate or suitemate. Guys don’t like you because you are not pretty enough. There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter for you to compare yourself to. I don’t have a crush on him\her anymore because he\she is an asshole\bitch. You don’t like him\her because you fear rejection. I can’t go out because I have alot of work. If you really wanted to go out you would. Yu am this way because of your high school experience. High school is in the past. Most of the people you hate or hated you don’t remember you so why are you wasting you time on them. Stop making stupid excuses and start saying YES

To be happy sometimes a person has to change some of their old habits for them to be the person the want to be.  So starting today stop doing these and I promise life your will be brighter.

  1. Stop blaming other people for your problem.
  2. Stop giving people the power.
  3. Stop determining you happiness based on whom you are dating.
  4. Stop trying to avoid change.
  5. Stop hating yourself.
  6. Stop trying to make something happen when you have no control over it.
  7. Stop telling yourself that you are not worth it.
  8.  Stop procrastinating about you dreams.
  9. Stop judging other people as way to make yourself feel better.
  10. Stop ignoring the people in life.
  11. Stop running away from your fears and problems.
  12.  Stop living in the past.
  13.  Stop living for the future.
  14.   Stop trying to change yourself to be someone you are not
  15.  Stop trying to please everyone 24\7
  16.  Stop wishing your life was different
  17.  Stop doing activities your hate.
  18. Stop hanging out with people that are not good for you.
  19.  Stop lying to yourself about what you want.
  20.  Stop saying you will do something tomorrow and do it today
  21.  Stop hiding your true feelings.

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