Sizzling Summer Date Ideas

If you are in a relationship or not. Here are some amazing summer activities that you will love.

1. Disconnect for a day.  Sign off from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. Turn off your cell phone.  Close your laptop. For a whole day don’t be plugged in 24/7.   All your notification and email will still be there the next day. Go hiking with just a map. Have a fun picnic. Go to the beach.  Reconnect with nature again.

2. Take a  trip. Explore!   It can be the next town or next start or across the country or a different country. Fill up your gas tank and get on the road. Roll down the windows. And enjoy exploring.

3. Attend an outdoor concert.  Find out  when the next band is coming to town and grab you ticket.  You can meet new people , dance with your date, and wrap yourselves in blanket.

4. Cook  dinner together. Instead of going out for date night.  Stay in an cook a romantic dinner for two.

5. Go dancing.  Ditch the romantic comedy and go out dancing.  There is nothing more slizzing that spending time  together moving to the rhythm of the music and pressed up against someone you adore. You can take dance lesson and learn that dance you have always wanted to learn.

Even if you are single, all of these activities are fun things to do with your friends during the summer months!

Do you have a sizzling summer date suggestion? Comment below!

Xoxo Oby Grace



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