Menswear Monday : Nautical Edition

Happy Monday!  Today is  post is another edition of Menswear Monday! We have exciting news about Menswear Monday. My good friend  Scott Dobbin  is going to be blogging  about Mens Monday from now!   Here is a little bit about Scott:


 Scott’s a rising senior at UNC. He’s a blazer-wearing Don Draper in training, hoping to take the world by storm, after his daily Chai Tea Latte. The pen is his weapon of choice. He believes that if you can tell a good story, you can do anything. His fashion inspiration comes from life. Every experience is pivotal in developing who we are as people, and according to him, every time we develop ,a shopping trip is in order.

(Image of Scott below) Isn’t he handsome!


In past years men’s fashion was missing out on one key component, fun. This summer marks the beginning of a new era, and it’s printed. Nothing has escaped the reign of the print, and I love it. Here are three of the key prints to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer:

1.) Nautical Prints – No surprise here. Nautical wear has always been a summer style, and now more than ever men are embracing prints. Like anchors? Show it off. The nautical look – blue stripes, anchors, rope bracelets, should be a big part of every man’s summer wardrobe. Here are a few styles to get your started:

Anchors’ Print Tank Top


ASOS Tie With Anchors

2.) Florals – I know what you’re thinking, “Florals? Really?!” Really. Floral prints give your outfits edge and personality. Make sure that your floral prints are complementing the outfit instead of clashing, though. Floral prints have a diva flair, so try to give them the spotlight when your incorporate them into your outfits. If you still want to spice it up, play with different textures. Florals work well with denim, so toss on your favorite denim jacket and take on the world.


Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat

3.) Polka Dots – Polka Dots are the perfect way to make a statement, no matter what the situation. The size of your statement will increase or decrease with the size of your polka dots. Smaller polka dots can also be paired with other patterns or used as an accent color to bring your outfit to life.


Minimum Polka Dot Shirt


Mohcine A

Wearing patterns is all about having fun. Don’t feel restricted by old school fashion rules, if you see a pattern you like, toss it on and work it. Remember, fashion is 10% what you wear and 90% how you wear it.

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