I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Chambray

Yes, you read that correctly, chambray. Change doesn’t have to be hard, especially when chambray’s there to facilitate. Often confused with denim, chambray began gaining traction in 2010 and hasn’t let up since. As fraternal twins, denim and chambray’s primary difference lies in the way the two are woven. The technique to weave chambray often creates a lighter and softer feel, which is perfect for the summer/fall transition. Here are three ways to wear your chambray:

1.)  Chambray and neutrals.

This look, often paired with khaki’s and neutral colors like gray, is easy on the eyes. A chambray shirt adds the texture that your staple blue oxford can’t. This is all about making chambray the focal point. This look is ideal for guys trying to get their feet wet with chambray.

2.) Chambray and Camo


I touched on this a bit last week, but chambray is a team player. Chambray is one of the most effective ways to add depth to any outfit, especially one with prints. However, If you’re going to rock chambray with camo, make sure you keep everything else minimal. Too many accent pieces could be the difference between haute couture and a haute mess. Play it safe with chinos and brown footwear!

3.) Chambray and Color

3112350_DSC_3028_2Nigel L

If you’re still not sure what to wear with your chambray, just try colored bottoms. From white, to pink, to burgundy, good luck finding a color that doesn’t go with a chambray top. This is my go to outfit on lazy days. This outfit pops and requires minimal effort.I have only listed three ways to rock your chambray, but let me know if you have more! Chambray is a must have for every guy. It fits seamlessly with most men’s staples and provides and easy transition into fall.
Stay Stylish,
Scott Dobbin
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