Gingham Style

Versatile items are the backbone of American fashion. Our accent pieces get the glory, but it is the background pieces that provide the synergy to make any outfit, “the” outfit. Exhibit A: gingham print. It’s one of the few prints men have gravitated to in recent years, and anyone can see why. Gingham is the baseball player that can play both infield and outfield. It can Beyoncé, or fade into the background like Michelle Williams, the other Destiny’s Child member. Long story short, gingham needs to find a home in your closet. Here are three ways to wear your gingham3053363_lookbook REINALDO I

This outfit is all about using gingham to add flair. The outfit is all about stylish simplicity. The gingham captures your eye, and the shorts complete the look. This look is perfect for the guy who wants to look good with as little effort as possible. You can also pair your gingham top with denim to achieve the same effect. This look allows gingham to play a supporting role. The gingham adds depth to the outfit, while avoiding clashing with the leopard print tie. This works because of the micro-gingham. The smaller print complements the outfit while keeping the viewer’s focus on the accent pieces.

2102377_2 BEN G

This final look is a little more challenging than the others. This look is differentiated because of its use of the large gingham pattern. Outfits that include large gingham print need to avoid being busy. The larger print needs to be your outfit’s accent. It’s not uncommon to pair large gingham patterns with simple blazers and ties to keep the outfit from being overwhelming. When done well, it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

What you wear isn’t as important as how you wear it. As you complete your school shopping, remember that versatility is everything.

Stay Stylish,

Scott Dobbin
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