Tag-Team Dancer

To all the guys out there,

Guys at clubs or parties walk around as if they are god’s gift to women. I don’t understand why. Yes, the setting is ideal for meeting people. It is dark and everyone looks good in the dark. The girls you meet are drinking and are ready to have fun. But lately I have observed an unattractive trait that men tend to show at parties or clubs.  I am going to call it “Tag-Team Dancing” or TTD for short. TTD is when a guy has a friend tag along with him as he approaches you and one of your girls and asks for a dance.
        If I for example agree to dance with him, the expectation is for my friend to dance with his friend. A guy no longer goes up alone to a girl he thinks is attractive and dances with her. He takes his Buddy with him, so that she will have a harder time saying no. TTDs get offended if my friend is not dancing with his friend.
           Tag-Team Dancing is a strategic move to make sure that him and his buddy have a good time. If a couple of girls say no to a TTDs, he prowls the dance floor like lions on the Serengeti, preying on the next victim. If the options are limited and we turn  him down, he waits 20 minutes then come back hoping we have forgotten their previous attempt. If we keep saying no to him we are called bitches.
         Gentleman, turning down a dance doesn’t make us a bitch. It just means we are not going to take any of your bullshit. Maybe if you left your friend and had the courage to ask a girl to dance with you alone, you are more likely to get a “yes” and receive a longer dance. We are no longer in middle school where girls have cooties.

PS not all guys indulge in this behavior.


   Oby Grace



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